Get Involved

Getting involved means something different to everyone. Companies, individuals and volunteer groups are always looking for ways to help organizations. An individual or company may be looking for an activity or event to support by volunteering or making an in kind or cash donation. Organizations may need resources in order to provide services to the community they serve. Whatever the interest may be, ArtReach offers several ways for individuals, companies and organizations to get involved. An organization can become a member agency and utilize ArtReach’s Community Tickets program that provides cultural experiences to at risk or underprivileged persons. Individuals and organizations are able to make online or workplace giving donations and volunteer for upcoming events and programs. If you’re an artist, there may be teaching opportunities with programs like the In-Facility Programs After School Program that provides an alternative to a child’s normal activities.  The opportunities are limitless and are catered to the individual or organization’s definition of “Get Involved.”

Discover what "Get Involved" means to you. Take a few minutes and learn what opportunities best fit you or your organization. Then let us help you discover the perfect fit by answering any questions you may have. Together we can continue our mission of ArtReach providing access to life-changing arts and cultural experience to people of all ages in need.